Make your money earn up to 6.50% p.a.

Save with our corporate deposits and earn higher interest rates than an ordinary current account. Simple and safe, it’s a great way to mazimize returns on your business savings. For a limited time, we are offering 6.50% p.a. interest. Give it a thought.

Attractive rates for different tenors

Earn higher interest rates than an ordinary current account. Especially when you lock in funds for longer periods. For a limited time period you can earn up to 6.50% p.a.!

Flexible deposit periods

Wide range of flexible deposit periods from 1 month to 120 months. With a maturity repayment option to suit your financial needs. 

Short notice access

Get a loan against your deposit and have the ability to access your funds on short notice.

Relationship manager

Rely on your relationship manager for personalised service and stay up to date on all fronts when it comes to your deposits. You can also access us through Deem branches and the 24-hour Deem customer care: 800-3366.

I'm interested. How do I start?
What are the main documents I need?

You will need a copy of valid trade license and copy of passport and valid residence visa and Emirates ID of owner and / or authorized signatories

Do I need other documents?

You may require the following where applicable: Memorandum and Articles of Association, Power of attorney and Board resolution.

High yield deposit

Earn return on your returns.

Financial Guarantees

An effective way to maximize returns on your business savings.

Payroll solutions

Keep your employees motivated with our WPS.

My name is e.g. John
and I'd need a