Manage your monthly costs better with Salary Advance

o  Get an advance on your salary with zero interest and no collateral

o  Conveniently pay with the next salary

Instant salary advance

Specifically designed for customers who receive their pay through a WPS card and do not have a bank account.

Easy repayment

You can now borrow up to 50% of your salary at any time and repay the full amount in the next salary cycle.

Fees & charges

The Salary Advance is offered at 0% interest. You will only be charged a nominal processing fee, starting from AED 30 based on the slab.

Got questions?
Am I eligible for a Salary Advance?

The Salary Advance Facility is available for customers with a monthly salary of AED 3,500 or below.

What is the Salary Advance limit I can apply for?

You can receive a Salary Advance for an amount not exceeding 50% of your fixed salary, with a cap of AED 1,500.

How much is the processing fee?

• AED 30 for Salary Advance up to AED 500

• AED 50 for Salary Advance from AED 501 to AED 1,000

• AED 75 for Salary Advance from AED 1,001 to AED 1,500 (exclusive of VAT)

Do I need to pay to know if I am pre-approved?

No, all you need to do is fill our online application and it is free of charge.

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