Deem has implemented several security measures to protect your accounts but you can also protect your accounts by keeping your credentials secure and follow the tips below.

• Never share your Deem mobile app password.
• Always remember that Deem will never ask you for your password, PIN, CVC or OTP over the phone or by email.
• Avoid using simple passwords or numbers associated with your personal dates, i.e., birthdate.
• Set strong passwords and change your passwords and PINS frequently.
• Do not forget to clear the password history after using public computers.
• Do not write your password on paper, email or in a text nor share your ID with anyone.
• Avoid using unsecured public networks and choose trusted Wi-Fi networks instead.
• Beware of links which ask for your credit card details on websites you don’t trust.
• Always keep your credit card safe as it can be cloned easily.
• Ignore any emails which ask for your account details.
• Do not share your account details over a phone call.
• Do not sign a blank cheque.
• Be aware of your surroundings when entering the PIN at an ATM or POS terminal keypad and ensure there are no additional devices affixed on the card reader slot or keypad.

Write to us for Fraud Reporting:
If you notice any malpractice or fraudulent activity (e.g. breach of Deem’s professional conducts, unethical measures, criminal offence or a breach of any law, any dishonest act or attempted act etc.) involving Deem or Deem Staff, please fill the below form or email us on with your concern and attach all the supporting documents. You may also call on our Contact Centre, which is available 24/7 on +971600525550.